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Pizhichil to Squeeze Away to Pain and Illness


The way we live our lives these days, ‘All work, little, or no leisure’, has made us fall prey to a number of lifestyle diseases. Do you also feel the same and think that it’s high-time and you should take a break from the monotony? Are you planning to take a few days off from your routine life and go on a vacation with your family? Why don’t you come to Kerala and indulge your body and soul in the mystical land of Ayurveda amidst greenery all around? Maybe you can get yourself some amazingly effective Ayurvedic healing sessions like Pizhichil without burning holes in your pocket. We are SATYA (Svasthya Ayurveda Treatment Yoga & Agriculture), a wellness center set amid the elements of nature. We offer a number of wellness retreats in the form of Ayurvedic treatments and ensure to squeeze away stress, tiredness, and pain. Let’s learn more about Pizhichil, one of the best Ayurvedic massage for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Pizhichil and its meaning

The literal meaning of Pizhichil is squeezing. This Ayurvedic practice is an amalgamation of two traditional healing procedures – Swedana (Sudation – Heat Treatment) and Snehna (Oleation – Oil Massage). It is a form of Sarvangadhara massage wherein the whole body of the person taking it is poured with a stream of medicine-infused oil. The entire process takes around 45 minutes and 60 minutes to complete and performed over a period of 7 or 14 or 21 days, depending upon the need of the patient.

Is Pizhichil beneficial for me?

If you are combating depression, suffering from anxiety or blood pressure related issues or body pain is bothering you, Pizhichil is meant for you - a rejuvenation treatment, Apart from relaxation and health, it is also helpful in treating a number of health conditions like arthritis, rheumatic diseases, neurological conditions, and sexual weakness. It also found to be effective for overcoming paralysis. Not only these, but this Ayurvedic massage is also good for your skin and complexion.

At SATYA, we have a team of Ayurvedic practitioners who take care of each and every aspect of your health before and while performing any kind of ayurvedic massage on you. So, you can rest assured about rejuvenation at its best.

Authored By Dr. Akhila Rose Tom

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