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Rakhta Moksha

Rakhta-Moksha – Let Bloodletting Suck your Pain Away

Have you heard about the bloodletting therapy, but are not convinced about it? We, at SATYA, offer absolutely painless and safe Rakta Moksha or bloodletting treatment to wash toxins out of your bloodstream.

Why is Rakhta-moksha performed?

Raktha moksha or ‘Blood Letting’ is a part of the Panchakarma therapy that is performed with the sole purpose of toxin elimination from the bloodstream via the alimentary canal. On learning the literal meaning of the Raktha moksha, you might be thinking it to be a very painful process. However, to your surprise, it is absolutely painless, safe and most importantly, highly effective. As this Ayurvedic process involves the process of blood purification, it is performed to treat various illness including – acne, rash, urticaria, hives, scabies, leukoderma. Apart from these health conditions, bloodletting is also found effective on gout, hemochromatosis, splenomegaly and enlarged liver too.

Pitta (Bile) is formed as a result of the breakdown of RBC or red blood cells inside the liver. As both blood and the bile are intricately connected, any kind of derailment from the natural balance between the two can lead to blood-related health conditions. For example – a rise in the bile level results in the rise of toxicity in the blood leading to a number of pitta-genic issues. This is where Raktha moksha or Blood Letting comes into play.

The process of bloodletting

The procedure of bloodletting involves extraction of a little amount of blood from the vein. This extraction can relive the tension created in the bloodstream due to the presence of pitta-genic toxins. Also, it helps in the stimulation of anti-toxic entities in your spleen that in turn boosts the immunity from within. There are other treatments in ayurveda to remove out toxins from your body such as Vasthi, Virechanam. Visit SATYA for more details.

Authored By Dr. Akhila Rose Tom

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