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Snehapanam Ayurveda Treatment – The Wonders of Medicated Ghee

Do you suffer from recurring gastrointestinal disorders? Have you tried all forms of medications, but gave you much relief? If so, then it’s the time to unwind all your physical and mental worries in the lap of nature. And, if you think it’s hinted towards Ayurveda, then you are absolutely right. Natural ingredients, when formulated in a certain way can do wonders, especially when it comes to curing health conditions like yours. As far as gastrointestinal disorders are concerned, Snehapanam or pre-purifier is considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic treatment for Digestion. Come to SATYA and experience how effective these age-old wellness treatments are. So, moving to Snehapanam, let’s find out more about it –

What is Snehapanam all about?

It is a form of Ayurvedic massage therapy in which medicated ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk is orally administered. It aims towards internal purification of the patient taking it. It is also known as Poorvakarma or pre-purifier that is performed before the Panchakarma therapy. This Ayurvedic wellness procedure is considered to be quite effective in treating health conditions including gastrointestinal disorders, neurological issues, chronic constipation, arthritis urinary disorders, psoriasis and so on.

How is Snehapanam performed?

Snehapanam is performed once a day and generally carried out for 3 days to 1 week that solely depends upon the nature of illness. Some of the main factors that are considered when deciding upon the type of medicated ghee to be administered and for how long the procedure will be performed are – age of the patient, health conditions, climate, place and structure of the body. Also, Ayurvedic practitioners make sure that no other medication other than the chosen type of ghee is given to the patient. And, until and unless that ghee is digested, the patient is not allowed to eat anything. Moreover, a stringent diet plan is designed for the patient according to the doctor’s advice. Once the therapy is completed, purgation or passage of bowel is recommended strongly.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion

We all know that Digestion is an important part of the human process and it breaks down the food and nutrients into smaller molecules in which the body uses for growth, cell repair etc. Snehapanam Treatment is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for Digestion. it also helps in Constipation. The amount of Sneha Panam can be vary as per the health of a person and it is according to the digestive power of the patient, the medicated ghee is given. Get the Best ayurvedic Medicine for Digestion from Satya.

Is Snehapanam good for you?

This amazing wellness treatment is beneficial if you suffer from the following health conditions –

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Piles
  • Constipation
  • Urinary disorders
  • Skin diseases
  • Gout
Authored By Dr. Akhila Rose Tom

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